Azure Development Training in Noida - Prowess Groups

Azure Development Training in Noida - Prowess Groups

Azure Development Training in Noida

MS Azure development Training Course Details

Platform as a Service Components

    • Creating the web application and deploying the same in Azure App Service – Web App
    • Understand various Deployment Options available with Azure App Services
    • Debugging production environment applications from local Visual Studio.
    • Zero downtime deployment and rollback using App Service Deployment Slots.
    • Restriction of access to only whitelisted IP Addresses
    • Understand various App Service Plans and features
    • Diagnostics & Monitoring of App Services
    • Learn how to create and deploy background jobs in PaaS
    • Create a Logical SQL Server and a SQL Database
    • Understand different SQL Tiers and it’s features
    • Learn how to configure Alerts on SQL Database
    • Understand Application Insights – An Application Life Cycle monitoring tool
    • Understand how to integrate App Insights with a Web Application
    • Understand how to configure Availability Tests using App Insights

Exploring the Serverless Architecture

    • Getting started with Serverless Concepts with Azure Functions
    • Understand different models with Azure Functions
    • Understand Triggers and Bindings
    • Create your first Http Trigger and learn how to test it from the Portal
    • Simulate Load on a web end point, Integrate it with App insights and simulate Load using Azure Load Test to understand how serverless works behind the scenes
    • Create a Durable Functions and understand the use-cases of the same
    • Create a Logic app and integrate it with Twitter, SendGrid to understand how easy is to build workflows without any code.
    • Creating Azure Search service
    • Full-text search in Azure Search
    • Linguistic analysis in full text search
    • Indexing in Azure Search

Storage, Cache and Security

    • How to use Azure Storage in my solution?
    • Storing structured data with Azure Table Storage
    • Implementing fully managed file shares with Azure Files
    • Queues in Azure Storage Queues
    • Object storage solution - Azure Storage Blobs
    • What is Azure Service Bus service?
    • Fundamentals - queues, topics, relays
    • Securing Service Bus
    • Advanced features - geo-replication, asynchronous messaging
    • Handling outages and disasters

Advanced Topics – Handled based on request

    • Distribute load with Azure Traffic Manager
    • Secure an application and data with Azure Active Directory B2C
    • Build Intelligence with Cognitive Services
    • Configure CI / CD pipeline by creating Build definitions and Release definitions
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