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Blue Prism Training

Demand For Blue Prism-RPA Certification Program Is High Due To The Wonderful Job Opportunities

The necessity for automation has been fueled due to the need for building new processes that can remain uninterrupted and complement manual work. Robotic Process Automation is the need of the day, and blue Prism remains the forerunner among the top trending tools in RPA market.

What should you know about Blue Prism?

It is a UK based company that develops software in the field of Robotic Process Automation. Blue Prism software is used for RPA, and it holds the capability of the virtual workforce for automating the business operations. The software can be beneficial to make the business operations more agile and cost-effective by replacing the manual, repetitive jobs with a digital workforce.

Blue Prism consists of a set of libraries, and tools as well as a runtime environment for Robotic Process Automation. Every Blue Prism software robot has two main parts, and these are Process Studio, and Object Studio.

  • Object Studio: It is used to create the Visual Business Object, and it is abbreviated as VBO. Visual Business Object is designed to interact with other applications, and it looks similar to Process studio. However, there are some key differences, and these are:
  • Process studio does not have the ‘stage’ as offered by the object studio.
  • Though it does not have the main page, it has two default pages.
  • The pages in VBO are organized as a flat group as against the hierarchical structure of Process Studio.

The benefits of creating VBO are that it is consistent, scalable, and takes lesser BOT creation time for the subsequent processes. The changes in the system are needed to be updated only in one location, and the maintenance is effortless.

  • Process Studio: It looks similar to the traditional flowchart, and it offers an area where the actual process is created. Apart from the features that are provided by the Object Studio, it allows for business logic, variables, control loops. Also, it gives the object call to be sequenced as well as to be tested in a visible business flow. With the implementation of a software robot’s logic, a process acts like a human user and carry out a series of steps easily similar to personal interaction.

Why should you pursue Blue Prism certification program?

The RPA Blue Prism Automation, technology has excellent advantages for providing increased efficiency, lower operation cost, improved accuracy, elevated CX, higher employee productivity, etc. All these reasons have catapulted to the exceptional rise in the market demand for Blue Prism and Google trend also reflects the same phenomenon.

A per market survey, the automation market will reach 600 million Us Dollar by 2020, and RPA Blue Prism will hog the market share as the pioneer. If you want to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in the RPA industry, you need to make sure that you get a Blue Prism certification. You should enroll in the right course to get the Blue Prism certification to enhance your credentials.

Employers always look for people who are professionally trained when selecting a candidate for employment. You can ace the task at your hand, and you can have access to the latest tools and technologies introduced through Blue Prism courses. A developer who has taken training in Blue Prism can have in-depth knowledge rather than an amateur person and have more possibilities of getting a good job. Therefore, the decision to make an investment ib getting Blue Prism certification course can give you an excellent return and can boost your career opportunities.

If you are a professional in AI or data analytics, and if you are looking to switch jobs, you can easily do so by undertaking a Blue Prism certification course. It can take you on the way to become a successful Robotic Automation Professional and establish yourself in the industry. There are vast numbers of organizations that are switching to RPA regularly, and with the Blue Prism certification, you can be sought after by the employers quickly.

What are the essential benefits that you get from Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is based on Java Programming language, and it offers a drag and drop functionalities for a visual designer. The essential features of Blue Prism are as follows:

•    It is secure and accurate: There are vast numbers of processes in Blue Prism tool that need to be executed very accurately and securely. Blue Prism can deliver reliable and secure results to the processes that you like to automate.
•    It is a highly robust tool: There are robust features in Blue Prism like the data encryption, load balancing, and end to end auditing. Blue Prism offers robots that are clearly defined and managed centrally.
•    It is scalable and resilient: Scalability with central management is another essential feature of Blue Prism. All the processes of a business can be automated easily, and also, the need can be monitored carefully.
•   It can work 24x7 hours a day: No person is required with the operation with Blue Prism tool, and it is designed to work uninterruptedly.
•    Analytics: Dashboards can be configured with the extended features so that the session information can easily be redirected to the monitoring systems.
•    Data abstraction and security: The tool is designed to work independently, and all the data is stored in the data center. Thus it ensures well-defined data extraction and also it provides process security.
•    It has execution Intelligence: The Robots can connect to the systems and can react dynamically to the responses while working in multiple environments.
•    It creates a competent digital workforce: Blue Prism connects to enterprise technologies like machine learning, AI, and sentiment analysis. It helps companies create efficient digital business strategies and can make the operations agile.
•    Scalable System: Blue Prism applications can run on on-premise as well as in the cloud via Amazon web services or Microsoft Azure, thus providing a flexible infrastructure for the companies.

What job opportunities you get with Blue Prism certifications?

RPA Blue Prism is going to be future in fulfilling automation requirements, and there are growing job opportunities in this domain. The salary of a fresh RPA developer having Blue Prism certification can be quite high, and it will increase with an increase in experience and competencies. In the coming years, there is going to be an exponential rise in the demand for Blue Prism professionals as per the market survey data.

There are job positions for the project manager, developer, business analyst, solution architect, process consultant, etc. Since there is expected to be millions of opportunities in the coming five years, it is essential to have professional recognition of your RPA skills. It can be very effectively done with the successful completion of Blue Prism certification program.

Many professionals are also looking to switch the career to an RPA industry for getting good pay. The global recognition of Blue Prism has enabled to open up substantial job opportunities in RPA industry, and the Blue Prism certifications hold a bright future for the professionals.

Robotic Process Automation | Blue Prism Content
  • 1.1 Running a Process
  • 1.2 Basic Skills
  • 1.3 Process Validation
  • 1.4 Decision Stage
  • 1.5 Calculation Stage
  • 1.6 Data Items
  • 2.1 Circular Paths
  • 2.2 Controlling Play
  • 2.3 Set Next Stage
  • 2.4 Breakpoints
  • 2.5 Collections and Loops
  • 2.6 Pages for Organization
  • 3.1 Input Parameters
  • 3.2 Stepping and Pages
  • 3.3 Data Item Visibility
  • 3.4 Data Types
  • 3.5 Output Parameters
  • 3.6 Start Up Parameters
  • 3.7 Control Room
  • 3.8 Process outputs
  • 4.1 Creating a Business Object
  • 4.2 Application Modeler
  • 4.3 Spying Elements
  • 4.4 Attributes
  • 4.5 Attribute Selection
  • 4.6 Launch
  • 4.7 Wait
  • 4.8 Timeouts
  • 4.9 Terminate
  • 4.10 Write
  • 4.11 Press
  • 4.12 Attach and Detach
  • 4.13 Read
  • 4.14 Actions
  • 4.15 Actions Inputs and Outputs
  • 4.16 Data Items as Input
  • 5.1 Exception Handling
  • 5.2 Recover and Resume
  • 5.3 Throwing Exceptions
  • 5.4 Preserving the current exception
  • 5.5 Exception Bubbling
  • 5.6 Exception Blocks
  • 6.1 Work Queues
  • 6.2 Queues Item
  • 6.3 Work Configuration
  • 6.4 Preserving the current exception
  • 6.5 Exception Bubbling
  • 6.6 Exception Blocks
  • 7.1 Collection Actions
  • 7.2 Choice Stage
  • 7.3 Logging
  • 7.4 Log Viewer
  • 7.5 System Manager
  • 7.6 Process Grouping
  • 7.7 Export and Import
  • 7.8 Release Manager – Packages and Releases
  • 8.1 Data Item Initialization
  • 8.2 Data Item Exposure (Environment Variables)
  • 8.3 Casting
  • 8.4 Code Stage
  • 8.5 Initialize and Cleanup
  • 8.6 Attribute Match Types
  • 8.7 Dynamic Attributes
  • 8.8 Active Accessibility
  • 8.9  Global Clicks and Keys
  • 8.1 Credentials
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