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Nourish Your Dream to Become a Successful Digital Marketer with Hands of Prowess Groups

Whether a fresher or a working professional each one wants to enroll for a course that would give a boost to the profile in front of an employer. If you are the one who is looking for the same, then Prowess Groups is your next destination. Prowess Groups is one of the renowned as well as veteran Digital Marketing Training Institutes that offer quality Digital Marketing Training with a group of experts.

Prowess Groups strives to offer Digital Marketing Training Courses with hands-on projects and case studies. Candidates who will enroll for the Digital Marketing Course in our institution, they will get to learn from website designing to development, content management to video creation, and much, much during the course. Prowess Groups assists you from the start to end in building your Digital Marketing handiness.

Reasons Preferring Prowess Groups As Sought-After Digital Marketing Training Institute

Today, it is easy to find a Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR, and entire India just in a few clicks. A few institutes are there that allow their students to document the projects they work on during courses. Prowess Groups is one the Digital Marketing Institutes that not only assists its students to handle live projects during the course but also help them to document the work. It is an initiative to build confidence among students who are aspiring Digital Marketers for the booming industry.

Prowess Groups desires to build a good portfolio for the candidates who enroll here every year. We want our candidates to carry the testimony of Digital Marketing knowledge as their weapon to crack interviews and secure well-paid jobs in MNCs after completion of the training program.

Courses You Can Enroll For at Prowess Groups

As the leading Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi NCR, we cover an array of courses in our institute. We have limited numbers of seats for each batch, and it helps us to focus on the needs and quarries of each student on an equal basis. Digital Marketing Courses we offer under the expert umbrella,

  • Digital Marketing Certification
  • Certification in Search Engine Optimization
  • Certification in Google Adwords
  • Certification in Search Engine Marketing
  • Certification in Social Media Marketing
  • Certification in Google Analytics and Webmaster
  • Certification in Online Reputation Management
  • Certification in Email Marketing
  • Certification in Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are a working professional or a beginner, Prowess Groups is here to hone your digital marketing skill with the right shape and towards the right direction.

Become a Digital Marketer Join Now Digital Marketing Certification Program
  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Website Planning, Designing & Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing(AdWords/SEM/PPC)
  • Display is Stronger Than Ever
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Reputaion Management
  • Geo Targeting
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Content Marketing & Management
  • Web Analytics / Search Console
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Fundamental of Google Adsense
  • WordPress / Blogging
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Making Money as Freelancer
  • Creating Digital Marketing Strategy/ Doubt Session
  • Conversion Rate Optimization / Lead Generation
  • Interviews Preparation Session
Digital Marketing Short-Term Courses Certification Program
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.)

You must understand what you wanted before you go online in search of the option that is best for you. Get to know the fine prints of your course and make sure it is on offer with the institute; look for a course that offers a perfect balance in pedagogy. Course Curriculum is an important aspect while selecting the institute. Make sure you understand the background of the institute before you make your final choice. This will include the quality of the faculty. The experiences of the instructors, as well as the security that is in place on the portal, should be solid. What is the teaching methodology like and how well do they engage their students in learning. Certainly lab facilities, workshop, exposure, and assignments, etc. comprise in training. The above features are a must in any institute that you are depending on to give you the best results. Finally, what are their certifications like? It should be industry related.

The most fascinating advantage of a digital marketing course is perhaps the fat salary that comes with a certification in it. If you want the job to be looking for you instead of queuing for the few jobs around, then digital marketing course is for you. It is an opportunity to bring the professional out of you. There is a wide range of career options for those that participate in the course. You can work as an E-commerce manager or director, Ad Campaign executive or manager, Customer Identify Management, Digital Marketing Experts or any Functional Digital Marketing role. It is a perfect way to improve on your profile and it will stand out in a job that you entered for. The course is very flexible and upon certification, you can deploy your skills from one company to the other. This is a perfect way to exhibit creativity. Experts in this field will be exposed to a wide range of career options.

The idea of digital marketing covers a broad area, there is a need for students to know what the areas of coverage are before they involve themselves in any of the concepts. It involves a broad area as it covers various channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics. There are various courses involved in each of the divisions mentioned above and the student needs to get an idea of what is included in any of the channels before involvement in any of the courses. Each of the modules in the available courses is geared towards making the student a professional that has what it takes to stand between the gap and this involving digital means of business transactions.

You have to learn some digital marketing skills during the study of this course. Some skills are required about being an SEO specialist, students might wonder that this is a priority but the truth is that it is a must-have skill. Mobile marketing skills are also a must as well as skills relating to the management of things on social media. Mention can also be made of being a PPC executive as one of the things to be learned during the duration of this course. There is also the place of Email marketing as well as expertise on Analytics. There is content marketing as well as marketing automation. The combination of the above skills is what students will learn during training.

You will gain insights of all digital marketing techniques comprise of Market Research, Email Marketing, WordPress, Copywriting, YouTube Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, & Quora), Google Adwords, Linkedin Marketing, App Marketing, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads, etc. The top digital marketing tools involved in this course consists of the foundations of digital marketing which involves the importance of the course and the how to select the right tool. There is the angle of social media marketing as well as digital advertising. The institute will provide hands-on training with demonstrations, and presentations. Institute allows gaining experience with working on real-time industry projects, marketing campaigns, and make the best use of digital communication channels. An email is a powerful tool in today’s marketing because getting over it involves no cost with your internet connections in place. One of the tools that you are going to encounter during the process of getting certification on this course is Affiliate Marketing. Search Engine Optimization is another angle to it which the experts will teach and the students are expected to exploit when they eventually get certified and come into the field as a professional. You are going to know about the tips on selecting top-flight marketing networks.

There is no eligibility for joining this course. In as much as you are literate and you have the interest and passion for the course, you can join the bandwagon and become a certified pro. You will not require any special skills or degree to learn of the following that are involved in the course:

The above areas which form the module of this course do not require anything special to get enrolled in it. What is of importance if the will power to enter into the course.

Digital marketing involves the promotion of products online. Taking India as a point of reference, the average salary for a fresher is put at the region of 3 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs per annum. That is for the basics, but the experts that can prove their worth in the industry, the salary is fantastic. So the salary is a function of the brilliance of the expert. It is negotiable and those that can turn in the desired results that matter will go home with fantastic pay packages. Once you can prove your worth in this notch, the salary that will come your way will be fantastic; there is no ceiling to it. So, in a nutshell, the average salary is a function of the individual brilliance of the expert.

The stats show that this course is a booming career path for students. This is one career that guarantees job security. It confers a special status on the professional and the experts in the field will not be short of opportunities in the labor market. Training Institute focuses to give practical training that is job oriented. Make you professional or expert in digital marketing. The demand for experts in the notch is growing and there are fewer professionals to manage the ever-increasing job vacancies. You will get in-depth practical training on how to make the best use of digital marketing tools such as SEO, SMO, Google Adwords, etc. Experts in this notch are the beautiful brides that the employers of labor are looking for to man sensitive positions under their company. Training Institute support in each phase of training from teaching to placement assistance. Besides learning digital marketing tools and techniques, institute how to frame, design, and implement effective digital marketing tactics to enhance business or marketing.

Social media marketing training course is devoted to making students become certified in the business of managing the marketing affairs on social media. The social media is a huge market where there are millions of prospects and companies are looking for ways to create an impression on the platform which will make them get the desired visibility for their product and services. The experts that are involved in this field are the ones that are responsible for spreading the gospel of company to people on social media. At least, every person belongs to one social media platform; companies are on the lookout for the professionals that will help manage their business interests on the platform.

You need to create an interest in digital marketing. With that settled, you can now go online or offline in search of the best institute that will suit your purpose. Digital Marketing Certified Associate is intended to master in digital marketing field comprise of social media, conversion optimization, search engine optimization (SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), web analytics, mobile marketing, and email, etc. Certainly, certification will increase your value in the marketplace. Learn about the exam so that you will get a picture of what to expect during the program. Take a review of all the questions on the PCM® Digital Marketing exam. Go on to evaluate your skills through what you have seen through the questions. Study hard for the exams. It will help your fortunes if you can practice some past questions. You should note that most of the questions are repeat questions; practicing them will give you an advantage on the day of the exams. You are now ready to take the exams and get dully certified after the exams. Now, go all out to promote yourself as a certified professional.

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