Docker & Kubernetes Training in Noida - Prowess Groups

Docker & Kubernetes Training in Noida - Prowess Groups

Docker & Kubernetes Training in Noida

Docker and Kubernetes Training Detais

Docker Engine:

    • Docker Overview
    • Docker Architecture
    • Images and layers
    • Underlying technology of Docker like namespaces, cgroups etc.,
    • Docker CE Vs Docker EE and supported platforms
    • Pulling images from Docker registry
    • The Docker Hub
    • Docker Engine Installation on Linux Servers (CentOS/Ubuntu)
    • Docker commands
    • Images, ps, pull, push, run, create, commit, attach, exec, cp, rm, rmi, login, export, import, pause, unpause, system, volumes, build, rename, save, tag, network, logs, port, search, history.
    • Docker network
    • Container volume management
    • Creating custom network (bridge)
    • Building custom images using Dockerfile and through container and pushing to the Docker hub
    • Creating containers with limited resources (CPU, memory etc.,)
    • Building apache with mysql database storage using Dockerfile
    • Assigning/remove multiple network to the running container.
    • Selecting storage driver for the Docker Engine
    • Setting limit on the resource like CPU, memory for running container
    • Setup and configure universal control plane(UCP) and docker trusted repository (DTR)
    • Container lifecycle

Understanding Docker Machine and Docker Swarm (Cluster).

    • Setting up swarm (Configure manager)
    • Setting up nodes (Adding nodes to the manager)
    • Managing applications in Swarm with service
    • Replication in Swarm
    • Demonstrate the usage of templates with “docker service create”
    • Identify the steps needed to troubleshoot a service not deploying
    • Describe How Storage and Volumes Can Be Used Across Cluster Nodes for Persistent Storage

Kubernetes Orchestration:

    • Difference between Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Orchestration
    • Kubernetes overview
    • Kubernetes Architecture
    • Understanding the underlying concept of Kubernetes Orchestration
    • Designing a kubernetes cluster
    • hardware and underlying infrastructure
    • Service running on manage node and minions
    • Overview of pods, replication, deployment, service, endpoints
    • Deploying the application through PODs
    • Building multiple pods with high availability
    • Rolling updates of the Pods with the Deployment
    • Kubernetes underlying network like overlay network with flannel, etcd etc.,
    • Storage types in Kubernetes
    • Upgrading kubernetes components
    • Troubleshooting in kubernetes
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