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Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics services offered by Google. It generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referring sites. It also shows advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents. Google also provides a $50 Google Analytics certification test for this service. This service is currently in use on around 55% of the 10,000 most popular websites. Another market share analysis claims that Google Analytics is used at around 49.95% of the top 1,000,000 websites.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google itself which is free of cost to analytics service for the website, likewise check the traffic status, customized report for the website traffic. This is a hub to analyze the digital traffic either the organic traffic or via ads, it is easy to get the real picture of traffic coming from the source or via organic, social or Ads campaigns. You can check the status of any website only if you the property of the website at google account, then you can log in from the same account and check the analytics of your website accurately on Google web analytics.

Let’s know the features of Google Analytics tools available for your website

Campaign Traffic Analysis – How can you analyse which campaigns are giving you the traffic? Adding the parameters to your URLs allows you to track your traffic coming from the campaigns. It is the place where the guesswork doesn’t work out, and you need a proper tracking which is possible through web analytics.

Track your Leads and Conversions – It tracks the most critical metric and that is conversion stats of generated leads, which can be calculated by inquiry forms, demo service, signup or more. It counted with a calculation of interest of a people towards your product and services. You can your destination path for the process when it comes to the end that it will convert the lead.

Traffic and Targeted Audience Report – You can get the traffic reports that are coming to your website with complete info likewise counts of sessions and users, page load time, bounce rate, etc.. You can generate a presentable report with complete insight for your customer.

Custom Report – Google Analytics is offering you to create a custom report with data exactly you need to add to visualize to your customers. It saves a lot of time by creating a custom report by collecting already insight on a daily basis.

Why are Learn Google Analytics & Benefit?

In Digital Marketing, if you’re doing promotion for your website then for any promotion you need to track your traffic, and Google Analytics will help you to track your audience with a complete flow of source. Google Analytics offering these features absolutely free of cost, as you can add the property of your website at Google Analytics via your Google account. But how to track your audience and generate your presentable reports is really a fact, because the right thing in the right manner is an important thing. You need to learn Google Analytics to track the website insight in a correct manner and for that, you can join the best Google Analytics Training.

Why Google Analytics Training is important and how it can help you? You must think about why I should join Google Analytics Training Institute to learn because tracking is a very important factor for any business website. The calculating your traffic, source, leads, conversion or more are the major facts to track, and that must be correct to make further strategies for your marketing approach. If you missed out to track in a correct way of reports then you may also miss to add or remove the fact that needs for that moment.

In case you are working for the client then it is an absolute must to learn Google Analytics in a proper manner because you need to create the reports in the time being to show them the progress of their business growth and visualize the tracking. If you missed out somewhere then you’ll not be able to generate the valuable tracker correctly and you’ll lose somewhere.

You can learn the major benefits of using Google Analytics, let's discuss them below: -

  • Google Analytics free features
  • How Easy to Set-Up and maintained by Google
  • Track Your Visitors/Customers
  • Learn to track your Traffic motion on your website
  • Customized Data/Reports
  • Create Targeted Campaigns
  • Create Automated Emails
  • Set Goals – Setting & Monitoring
  • How to track Campaigns
  • Learn how to analyze what people are searching on your website
  • Identify the most relevant landing pages of Website
  • Feedback for content & website
  • How to export data in different formats
  • Compatibility of other tools

Where is Best Place for Google Analytics Training?

Learning Google Analytics must be from the expert trainer to start from a clear concept and reach an end with expertness. To become an expert, you need to choose the Best Google Analytics Training Institute in Delhi NCR and join the training course. Selecting the institute for learning at the expert level to get cure the career as in jobs or the business.

Prowess Group is one of the best institutes providing with the Google Analytics Training Course, at the expert level. You join the Google Analytics Training Institute in Delhi NCR to become the expert to track all web analytics with your expert knowledge. At Prowess Group, you’ll learn at the live projects with practical training, which will help you with your project handling in the future. It will on running live projects with the company to learn and you’ll get the theoretical as well as the practical sessions for Google Analytics Training Course. You can ask for the doubts until you’re not cleared with a concept.

If you want to make an inquiry about the training or institute, then you can contact us at the given contact number or visit at the shared centre address. Moreover, you can raise a call back from our expert team by filling the form at the contact us page and our experts will contact you shortly for assistance. You should choose the best training institute to build up your career.

Google Analytics Certification Training Course Content
Part 1. Google Analytics Training Basics
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Accounts Management in Google Analytics
  • Profiling in Google Analytics and users
  • Google Analytics Navigation
  • Basic Metrics in Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Reports
Part 2. Traffic Sources in Google Analytics
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referring Data
  • Search Traffic
  • Campaigns Management
  • Adwords Account integration
Part 1. Content Data Interpretation
  • How to interpret Pages and Landing Pages data
  • Event Tracking in Analytics
  • Google Ad Sense
  • Interpretation of Site Search data
Part 2. Visitors Data Interpretation
  • Tracking Unique visitors to site
  • Tracking visitors according to Geographic location
  • Tracking visitors language information
  • Understanding Technical reports
  • Understanding Benchmarking
Part 3. Defining Goals & Ecommerce Tracking
  • How to set up goals
  • Understanding Goal reports
  • Ecommerce tracking in Analytics
Part 4. Google Analytics Revisited
  • Revision of Google Analytics reports and tools
  • Determining actionable insights
  • Involving Key Stakeholders within Organization
  • Creating a data-driven culture within Organization
  • Resource Requirement
Optimization of Keyword List
  • Understanding of Search Terms
  • Revising keyword list
  • Using Other keyword tools
  • Use of Search-based keyword tool
  • Developing Insights for Search Terms
Part 1. Google Analytics Best Practices: Creating Clean Data
  • Creating Profiles
  • Creating filters
  • Filtering internal traffic
  • Sampling of Data
  • Handling Cookies
  • Handling Multiple domains and sub domains
Part 2. Analytics Intelligence
  • Setup Automatic Intelligence Alerts
  • Google Analytics – Advanced Segments
Part 3. How to use advanced segments in Google Analytics
  • How to Create custom advanced segments
  • Best Practices: Advertising and Marketing
  • Search engine optimization Strategies
  • Google AdWords advertising Strategies
  • Campaign Attributes
  • Tagging a Campaign
Part 1. Best Practices: Engagement
  • Understanding Landing pages Content
  • Understanding bounce rate
  • Site Search Statistics Review
  • Tracking Events
Part 2. Best Practices: Understanding Conversion
  • Goal setup Procedure
  • Examples of Goal
  • Understanding Goal Reports
  • Understanding of Ecommerce
Part 3. Best Practices: Reports Sharing with the Organization
  • Export and email
  • Customizing reports
  • Customizing alerts
  • Sharing Customizations
Part 1. Understanding of Google Analytics Working
  • JavaScript, cookies, and GIF requests
  • Differences from log-based tools
  • Security, privacy, and reliability
Part 2. Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • How the code works
  • Customization methods
  • Alternate tracking code (async, mobile)
Part 3. Administration
  • Accounts and profiles
  • User management
Part 4. Measuring Conversion
  • Creating goals and funnels
  • Ecommerce tracking
Part 5. Cleaning Up Your Data
  • Filters
  • Introduction to regular expressions
  • Removing internal traffic
  • Cleaning up URLs
  • Site Search setup
Part 1.
  • Measuring Traffic
  • Campaign tagging
  • AdWords integration
  • Measuring Content
  • AdSense integration
  • Event Tracking coding
  • Tracking Flash
  • Measuring Visitors
Part 2.
  • Custom Variables
  • Managing Cookies and Tracking
  • Multiple domains and subdomains
  • Google Website Optimizer integrations
  • Extracting Data
  • Export, email, and custom reports
  • Data export
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