Azure Admin Training in Noida - Prowess Groups

Azure Admin Training in Noida - Prowess Groups

Azure Admin Training in Noida

MS Azure admin Training Course Details

Introduction to cloud computing

    • Benefits of cloud computing
    • Benefits and features of cloud computing
    • Differences between Active directory and Azure Active directory
    • Cloud trends
    • Difference between Paas, Saas, Iaas
    • Difference between Public and private cloud
    • Principles of parallel and distributed computing

Getting started with Microsoft Azure

    • Overview of Microsoft Azure
    • Creation of Azure account
    • Creation of O365 account
    • Difference between Work and Personal account
    • Azure portal Walk-through
    • Directory, User and Group management
    • Custom Domain
    • Manager Azure using Azure portal
    • Manage Azure using PowerShell
    • Creation/Deletion of database using PS
    • Types of Subscriptions
    • Types of Licenses
    • Difference between Subscriptions and licenses
    • RBAC roles
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • IP white-listing
    • Conditional access
    • AD connect sync
    • Audit and Sign-in logs

Working with Active Directory

    • Overview of AD
    • Why we need AD for Azure
    • Active directory configuration in Azure
    • Active directory Federation service in Azure
    • Monitoring Azure Active Directory

Managing with Azure Networking

    • Overview of Networking
    • Basics of Virtual Network
    • Address Spaces, subnets, DNS servers
    • Create and manage Azure Virtual networks using Portal and Resource Manage Template
    • Reserved IP for VM
    • Configuring DNS
    • Setup security groups
    • Configuring Azure Virtual Network Connectivity
    • Explain on Private networks
    • Virtual Network-to-Virtual Network
    • Using Express route
    • Using point-to-site virtual Private networking

Virtual Machines

    • Basic concept of VM
    • Explanation of Service level Agreement
    • Understanding of Virtual Machine Models and Components
    • Deploying Azure Virtual Machine via portal and Template
    • Authorizing Azure resource using Manager Template
    • Setup Remote access to VM
    • Explain on Classic VM
    • Disk caching
    • Attach and Formatting disks
    • Configuring availability
    • Desired State configuration
    • Storage space-based volumes
    • Image capture
    • Recover VM
    • Import/Export
    • Encrypting disks

Replication, Backup and recovery

    • Replication concepts
    • Asynchronous vs synchronous replication
    • Failover with azure
    • Azure site recovery
    • Azure backup
    • Best practices for recovery and backup

Azure SQL Database

    • Overview of SQL database on azure
    • Deploying Azure SQL Database
    • Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database
    • Managing security
    • Azure SQL database Recovery
    • Import/Export data

Azure App service

    • Overview of app service
    • Deployment of app service
    • Configuring and Maintaining web apps
    • Monitoring web apps and Web jobs
    • Traffic manager

Azure Management and Automation

    • Overview of Management activities in Azure
    • Supporting Tools on Management
    • VM and Template Management
    • Azure VM agent
    • Azure SDK
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