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Java-J2ee Developer Training Course in Noida

Excellent Java-J2ee Developer Can Produce Beautiful Large Scale Enterprise Applications

Presence of Java can be found everywhere like web applications, websites, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, etc. Millions of devices around the world come pre-built with Java, and almost all android applications are powered with Java. Java has been designed to overcome the complexities faced in C++, and J2EE is based on a collection of JAVA API. The Java-J2EE owned by Oracle can be very useful for building powerful enterprise applications.

What is Java?

Java was initially conceived as a platform-independent programming language by Sun Microsystems to create software that can be embedded in various electronic devices. An effort was underway to develop an excellent architectural-natural language that can work on different environments and in a variety of CPUs seamlessly. It resulted in the development of Java that has now become one of the most potent and sophisticated programming languages and widely used all over the world.

The introduction of Java has redefined the usage of computing language. Java has been brought to the forefront of programming with the evolution of the internet. The most important thing about Java is that as compared to its predecessors, it has very low implementation dependencies. It is compatible with cross-platform, and it can be developed in any device and also can run in all devices with JVM pre-built

What is J2EE?

The J2EE was initially known as Java 2 enterprise edition platform, and it was later changed to Java EE. J2EE is simply an extension of Java SE that is based on Java Programming language and is used for deploying and developing web-based enterprise applications. J2EE consists of a set of Java API, protocols, services and it is ideal for providing the required functionalities to develop multi-tiered web-based applications

Uses of J2EE are mainly for the applications that run on servers and are accessible through browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. It is also very commonly used for developing excellent web applications in the World Wide Web. It is done with the creation of standardized modular concepts that can handle several aspects of programming. It can solve the common problems that are faced by the developers for developing modern applications. Thus, it makes it easy to design industry-standard patterns for more excellent reliability and efficiency. It can be thought of as a part of Java working with a robust set of libraries and is comprised of a significant collection of APIS with Java EE core technologies.

Why learn Java/J2EE programming language:

Java remains the best programming language for you for the excellent opportunities it provides, and the unique development opportunities and community support. J2EE can run properly and provide an excellent environment for the developer for building enterprise applications. A few important reasons for you to learn the programming language of Java/J2EE is listed in the following paragraphs.

  • It is easy to learn: One of the main reasons for learning Java/J2EE is that it can be the best programming language to learn. It has fluent English like syntax that makes it very easy to accept the language worldwide.
  • It is an object-oriented programming language: To develop applications with Java/J2EE is very easy as it is an object-oriented program. It helps to keep the system modular, extensible and flexible.
  • It has rich API: Java programming language is rich in API that is one of the main reasons for its enormous success. There is API for networking, I/O, XML parsing, database connection, utilities, and almost everything, and if anything is left, that can be covered by the open-source libraries.  The open-source libraries include Google Guava, Apache Commons, Apache POI, Jackson, etc.
  • It has powerful tools: Java Platform has various powerful tools that can help in completion of the code and can be excellent for debugging. IDE has made the development much more manageable in Java, and it has become much faster, efficient and fluent. There are several other tools like the ANT, Maven, Jenkins, I console, Visual VM, etc. that can provide different functionalities easily.
  • It is available open-source: It is effortless for a programmer to learn Java/J2EE programming language as it is available freely, and the cost is not a concern. A programmer does not need to pay anything for making a Java application as it is free from the start.
  • Excellent support of the community: The biggest strength of Java/J2EE programming language is that there is an active community of this programming language. Thus for an aspirant, wishing to learn Java/J2EE programming language, it becomes comparatively easy.
Benefits of Java/J2EE: You will find excellent benefits to work as a developer with Java/J2EE:
  • It provides complete support of web services: The J2EE platform can provide a framework for developing as well as deploying web service working on the Java platform. JAX-RPC programming model is commonly used by the developers to create SOAP-based web services clients and the endpoints.
  • Faster delivery solutions to the market: J2EE platform can simplify development with the use of ‘containers’ to provide that can provide separation of the business logic from resource and the lifecycle management. It means that the developers can focus efficiently on writing the business logic rather than writing the infrastructure.
  • There can be freedom of choice: The set of standard that is used in J2EE technology is easy to implement by many vendors. J2EE CTS helps to ensure compatibility among the various application vendors that ensures profitability.
  • It provides simplified connectivity: It is easy to connect the systems and applications and bring the capabilities to the web, and various devices with J2EE. It has J2EE connectors for linking the ERP systems, CRM applications and packaged financial applications. You can also use the J2EE platform suitably with CORBA support for tightly linking systems with remote method cells.

Thus, you can offer a faster solution for delivery time to market, and have freedom of choice with simplified connectivity of the J2EE platform. For IT professionals, it can be of tremendous help by reducing the TCO and avoiding the single source for the enterprise software needs.

Career scope: If you are an aspiring Java/J2EE developer, your scope will never be ending as there are excellent opportunities available in the current market. The experts in Java/J2EE are always welcome to introduce the popular tools that can help make unique enterprise applications. There are maximum openings in the IT markets or organizations in Java/J2EE field, and it is beneficial for the candidates pursuing the Java/J2EE development learning program. Java/J2EE architecture is one of the most modern architectures that are available in the market, and skilled developers in this platform can always have a job in their hand.

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