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Mobile application development Training Course

Mobile Device And Application Developers Have Wide Opportunities In The Market

There has been immense popularity of smartphones, and this has resulted in the faster growth of mobile development. There has been increased demand for mobile applications development and the applications are as popular as mobiles these days.

What is Mobile application development?

It is a set of processes and procedures that involves writing software for wireless, small computing devices. Mobile applications, like web applications, originate from traditional software development, with a critical difference. Mobile apps are generally written to take advantage of unique features for a particular mobile device.

The mobile devices and the application in recent time are changing the way of communications in business, for accessing news, and entertainment. The consumers, companies have accepted this innovative medium and the programmers that are making the mobile application development job the fastest path in IT career. Objective C, C++, C#, Java programming, etc. are used by Mobile developers to write programs for a mobile development environment.

A mobile application developer will choose an operating platform like Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS for developing an application. The developer further learns the programming language and the software development environment for developing an app for that platform. There are at present five major mobile platforms that have its core language as well as a development environment that is as follows:

  • Android mobile platform: it is the most popular platform for mobiles, and it uses Java as the core language. The development environment is Eclipse, and it is used in multiple vendor mobile devices.
  • iOS-Apple platform: It is an excellent mobile platform, and it uses objective-C& Swift as the core language for mobile app development. Here, the development environment is Xcode, and it is used exclusively for Apple devices.
  • RIM –Blackberry platform: A very well known mobile platform, it uses Java as the core language, and the development environment is Eclipse. However, it is used in Blackberry devices only.
  • Symbian mobile platform: C++ is the core language for this mobile platform, and it is multiple choices for the development environment. It is used by numerous vendors.
  • Windows mobile platform:  It is a top-rated and well-known mobile platform, and it uses C# as the core language. It uses Visual Studio 2019 as the development environment, and multiple vendors use it.

Why should you learn about mobile development?

Mobile applications are now widely being developed by businesses for use in multiple platforms to maximize penetration in the market and increase ROI. More mobile development platforms you master, the more you become sought–after by the businesses. A professional mobile application developer is in high demand these days, and among the several mobile applications development, Android, and iOS development is the most dominating in the market.

There can be an excellent mobile application development training program, and the accredited degrees that accompany the completion of these courses can provide you a brilliant career. The course framework may comprise of mobile media designing, mobile application programming, app deployment, and marketing for leading mobile platforms. As a mobile application developer, you can find excellent placement opportunities in leading companies all over the world.

As per market data, there were around 29 billion mobile apps downloaded in the year 2011 and 185 billons downloaded in 2014. The growth rate is 180%, and this is a significant margin for the mobile application field. It is expected that this margin will go further up shortly.

Mobile application developers can be fluent in several object-oriented programming languages like Java, Objective C, and C++. A mobile developer code, test, debug, and monitor, as well as make the document changes for mobile applications. Mobile application developers are also skilled at working in several development environments and can implement application programming interfaces or APIs to support mobile functionalities.

The mobile application program can help you understand the terminology, concepts, and keep you abreast of the best practices for coding and mobile applications. A good developer can migrate and can adapt to the existing web applications for leading mobile platforms. The leading mobile app developers can recommend the changes and enhancements required in existing mobile applications.

What are the benefits of mobile application development?

The growth of mobile app development remains unabated, and the market will be likely to have more demand for it. The benefits of mobile app development applications are manifold, and a certified course in this discipline can find full applications in various segments.

  • There can be significant demand for building social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.  
  • Mobile application can be beneficial for online gaming platforms, ticket bookings, and many other online service bookings.
  • Companies have started developing mobile apps for ensuring easy reach for the customers along with improving the engagements and for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • It can help for quick adoption as well as the integration of advanced technologies that can offer the next-level experience to the users.

The adoption of advanced technologies will make the future of mobile application developer more essential, and few such advanced techniques are discussed here:

  • Mobile apps based on augmented reality and virtual reality: In the gaming world, the most popular technologies are augmented reality and virtual reality. There is a vast number of downloads for popular gaming applications. Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift is some examples of the most popular Virtual Reality devices in the market. There are now several industries like the retail and real estate, furniture store, etc., that are exploring better options for growth with AR-based mobile apps.
  • Mobile application based on IoT concept: It is predicted that by 2020, around 26 billion devices will get connected through the IoT or Internet of things ecosystem. The mobile application can be designed to connect and control home appliances, Led lights, power sockets, etc. easily. Numbers of companies are demanding for such applications connected with the IoT ecosystem to operate multiple devices.
The outlook of career for mobile application development:

Growth of mobile applications is taking place at a phenomenal speed, and it can be compared to the internet explosion in mid-1990. This growth in the mobile app is also increasing the demand for mobile application developers all over the world. The need for innovative mobile apps development will further rise as mobile devices are becoming more capable.

Traditional businesses are now increasingly favoring the deployment of mobile apps for making their businesses more competitive and for promoting the products and services. Currently, there is a host of employment opportunities for both professional as well as freelance mobile app developers. The demand for hiring skilled and talented mobile developers far exceeds the supply of the developers.

Among several opportunities, a few favored industries for the mobile app developers remain advertising and marketing firms, video game studios, etc. Branded applications for clients are tried to be developed in such firms, and part from this, there are other applications as well. Some media firms consider the mobile app as a powerful content distribution channel. Also, Government agencies, financial institutions, real estate agencies, software development firms, etc. want to have innovative mobile app development professionals dearly.

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