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R Programming Language Training Course in Noida

Be the Game Changing Data Analyst Enrolling for R programming Course

How long have you been engaged in data science and data analysis field? Have you ever thought to polish your data manipulation skill? Have you thought ever how to get better techniques and tricks to handle big data? Here comes the R programming course to hone your data analysis and manipulation skill with business intelligence tools. If you are in data science or data analysis field, then your R programming course will increase your scope to be a high paid employee soon after completion of the course.

Overview of R Programming Language Training Program

R Programming is one of the dominant programming languages, and it deals with data mining projects, predictive modeling, data manipulation, creating charts with GUI. Organizations manage different tasks including data manipulation, data modeling, data mining, data aggregation, statistical data modeling, graphical chart, and plot creation every day look for talented and certified data scientist and data analyst. Even, the employers are ready to pay higher salary package to such employees who are certified and experienced in data science and analysis domain. R Programming course at Prowess Groups will make you able to utilize the R programming language in the data analyzing the field. You will get to know how to install as well as configure software necessaries.

The R programming training program helps to manage statistical programming environment along with the power of describing universal programming languages before to implement into a high-level of statistical languages. After successful completion of the course, you will get to learn how to solve practical data issues via statistical computing along with credibility to program in R, reading data into the R language, and accessing R.

Why Learn R Programming?

Everyone wants to shape his career to achieve golden success; undoubtedly, you are not exceptional. When you are already in data manipulation and data analysis field, you can certainly join the R programming course at ProwessGroups for better career and bright future. It is not mandatory that you need to have any pre-requisite knowledge in a programming language to join the class. With R programming language training, you get the know-how to collaborate your R programming skill with other business intelligence tools like Excel, Oracle, SQL server and many more, and able to solve data mining issues at ease.

Reasons are many that can motivate a candidate (working professional and amateur) to enroll for R Programming language training program. Let us have a look at the reasons that encourage you to join the R Programming Language course at ProwessGroups,

  • R is an open source programming language, and it is free to install and download. Therefore, most of the companies depend on R to manipulate and optimize big size data.
  • R Programming is getting popular drastically all over the world because of its power to solve data mining issues at ease. Hence, if you will learn the course, then you can apply for data analyst or data scientist job position in different organizations.
  • R Programming is widely optimized in various and big sized organizations such as banking sectors, Its, retail areas, healthcare industries, pharmaceutical industries, Supply, and logistics firms. There is a big crisis of learned data analysts and data professionals to handle data analysis and data mining jobs. Hence, the course will give your career an edge that you are looking for, and you will be counted among high-paid employees.
  • The course will hone your ability to large-sized datasets in less downtime in maintaining the data accuracy.
  • The skill in R Programming gives you a unique identity among competitors, and your certification in R Programming course helps you to get assured jobs with a lump sum pay scale.

So, when you are looking for an opportunity to enter into the data analysis field with a bang on aptitude, R Programming course is for you. Join the course today and fill the demand of R professionals in the vast marketplace.

What Are the Benefits of Learning R Programming Course?

The popularity of R programming is getting high in leaps and bounds every day. Most of the firms of repute are utilizing the R Programming language as it is free, and it helps to sort data managing, mining, analyzing, and optimization issues easy and fast. Moreover, the R Programming language works on every platform, and it is one of the essential reasons that organizations tend to use R instead of other programming languages. When the implementation of the R Programming language is getting high in different fields, like, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Statistical Computing, the demand of R Programming professionals is getting higher in recent years.

  • So, if you want to enroll for the R Programming course, then you can reap numbers of benefits in your career,
  • First of all, you will acquire the power to make calculative decisions on data management and analytical field for your company at ease and speed.
  • You will learn how to use the simplicity with the ability to resolve data mining, modeling, manipulation, aggregation, and graphical chart and plot making issues after completion of R Programming language.
  • You will acquire the most sought-after data sorting skill that most of the heavy-weight companies are looking for.
  • You can merge your R programming skill with other data analyzing tools like Excel, SQL Server, SAS, and Access to provide the fastest data mining, reshaping, and data extraction solutions at less downtime.
  • You can easily attract the eyes of employers in the interview with your R Programming Certification from Prowess Groups. Generally, employers find certified data professionals for their organizations with a high salaried position. Hence, you will get the scope to get the best jobs in data analysis and data management field after completion of R Programming course.

The features mentioned-above clearly state that if you are willing to pursue the R Programming course at the beginning or middle of your career, you will only earn benefits in every sense.

What are the Career Scopes after R Programming Course?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, R programming course can give a certain bounce to your career whether you are working professional or a fresher. The market is running out of certified data professionals who can handle and manage big datasets without any trouble. Pursuing the R programming training program only widens your career scope in the data science and management field, and it is proven. Let us have a look at the sectors you can join after acquiring training in R Programming,

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Supply Chain and Logistic
Job positions you can apply for after R Programming Course
  • R Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist in IT
  • Analyst Manager
  • Senior Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Analyst Consultant

Thus, it is time to introduce your career to a new edge in pursuing the R Programming course at Prowess Groups and let your identity be discovered as a valuable professional to employers.

The scope after R Programming course gets high, and it is not the professionals, but industries are running after talents to hire and satisfy their data manipulation, handling, data reshaping, data mining needs at the fastest pace for more productivity and maximum ROI.

Don’t overthink, join the course today and turn your career toward the golden future.

#R Programming Language Training Course Details

  • What's that data type?
  • Basic data types in R
  • Apples and oranges
  • Variable
  • Arithmetic with R
  • How it works
  • Advanced selection
  • Selection by comparison
  • Vector selection
  • Comparing total winnings
  • Naming a vector
  • Create a vector
  • What's a matrix?
  • A little arithmetic with matrices
  • Selection of matrix elements
  • The total box office revenue for the entire saga
  • Adding a row
  • Adding a column for the Worldwide box office
  • Calculating the worldwide box office
  • Naming a matrix
  • Analyze matrices, you shall
  • Comparing ordered factors
  • Ordered factors
  • Battle of the sexes
  • Summarizing a factor
  • Factor levels
  • What's a factor and why would you use it?
  • What's a data frame?
  • Sorting your data frame
  • Sorting
  • Only planets with rings but shorter
  • Only planets with rings
  • Selection of data frame elements
  • Creating a data frame
  • Have a look at the structure
  • Quick, have a look at your data set
  • Relational Operators
  • Equality
  • Greater and less than
  • Compare vectors
  • Compare matrices
  • Logical Operators
  • Reverse the result:
  • Blend it all together
  • Conditional Statements
  • The if statement
  • Add an else
  • Customize further: else if
  • Else if 2.0
  • Take control!
  • While loop & Write
  • Throw in more conditionals
  • Stop the while loop: break
  • Build a while loop from scratch
  • For loop
  • Loop over a vector
  • Loop over a list
  • Loop over a matrix
  • Mix it up with control flow
  • Next, you break it
  • Build a for loop from scratch
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Function documentation
  • Use a function
  • Functions inside functions
  • Icon exercise mc
  • Required, or optional?
  • Writing Functions
  • Write your own function
  • Write your own function
  • Function scoping
  • R passes arguments by value
  • R you functional?
  • R Packages
  • Load an R Package
  • Different ways to load a package
  • Use lapply with a built-in R function
  • Use lapply with your own function
  • lapply and anonymous functions
  • Use lapply with additional arguments
  • Apply functions that return NULL
  • sapply
  • How to use sapply
  • sapply with your own function
  • sapply with function returning vector
  • sapply can't simplify, now what?
  • sapply with functions that return NULL
  • Reverse engineering sapply
  • vapply
  • Use vapply
  • From sapply to vapply
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