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RPA-Automation Anywhere Training Course

Powerful Automation Anywhere-RPA Tool Can Simplify Life for IT

RPA is a revolutionary technology that can streamline and automate repetitive tasks in the industry. The automation Anywhere-RPA tool can minimize the error in performing jobs to zero, and it can increase the productivity to a new level.

What do you need to know about Automation Anywhere?

It is a developer of the Robotic Process Automation Software, and it is one of the games changing technologies for enterprises. Automation Anywhere tool effectively combines the RPA solutions with intellectual elements like reading unstructured data and natural language understanding. It also allows the organizations to automate the everyday processes that are performed by the staffs regularly.

There are three pillars of Automation Anywhere tool on which the system for web management works:

  • Control Room: It is the central part that consists of a server for controlling Automation Anywhere bots.
  • BOT creator: RPA developers use desktop-based RPA tools to create BOTs. The licenses of the developers are checked with the configuration of the control room. The code of BOTS created is stored in the control room after authentication, and BOTS of different developers can be merged and executed immediately.
  • BOT runner: It is a machine to run the Robotic Process Automation BOT, and you can run multiple BOTs at the same time. These BOTS can report the execution logs, pass or fail status to control room.

The essential features of Automation Anywhere are as follows:

  • Intelligent automation for performing the business and IT tasks
  • It can quickly automate the complex tasks
  • Automation tasks can be created for performing simple activities like recoding mouse strokes, keyboard clicks, etc.
  • It offers Automation that can be scriptless and the tasks can be distributed to multiple computers
  • Schedule tasks can be performed anytime by auto-logging even if the computer is locked

The industries where Automation Anywhere is extensively used are HR, Finance/Accounting, Sales, Operations/IT, marketing, healthcare, government, etc.

Why should you undertake Automation Anywhere certification program?

The market for Robotic Process Automation is expanding rapidly due to the incredible flexibility of learning. Since it is code-free, anyone without coding knowledge can learn Automation Anywhere quickly. With the training of Automation Anywhere, an aspirant can acquire sufficient knowledge to achieve excellent process consistency. It can manage the workflow in a very efficient way, and the training can help to gain skills in a virtual manner that can solve complex business problems.

The course for Automation Anywhere of a professional institute remains a comprehensive one that is specially designed expertise in RPA domain and for building software tools. The training can help to acquaint the aspirant with the fundamentals of Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform. With the training program, you can have hands-on experience through real-time projects as well as assignments that can assist you in starting your career in RPA.

Industry experts also get associated with designing the Automation Anywhere Certification training course. It can help to incorporate the practical knowledge with in-depth analysis and can fast-track the career of an aspirant in RPA. The course can suitably train you to identify the business opportunities from an automation perspective. You can use the functional features of the Automation Anywhere for building and automating software BOTs.

Through the Automation Anywhere training, you can learn the functionalities, architecture, principal components, and key specifications of the tool effectively. Also, you will be able to learn how to develop and automate software BOTs with various commands, recorders, editors, etc. The Automation Anywhere software can be acquired by the solution architects, project managers, and team leaders, business analysts, technology architects, sales professionals, software testers, etc. With the successful completion of Automation Anywhere certification program, a candidate can have an excellent opportunity in building a prosperous career.

What benefits you can get with Automation Anywhere:

Automation Anywhere has beautiful features that can help you to optimize the time spent or running several tasks.

  • A repetitive 20-step process can be done by a single click of a mouse or a keystroke.
  • It can run the scheduled tasks with the help of robust task scheduling even if the computer is kept locked.
  • It can help to automate scripts that are kept in disparate formats.
  • It helps to manage automated processes across single or multiple machines or across a division or an enterprise.
  • It can record the mouse clicks or keystrokes easily for creating an automation task, and it uses easy point and click wizards
  • With scalable servers it can easily manage the automation users
  • It maintains a centralized system for security, back-up, and resources
  • It captures and reuses automated processes in a central repository
  • It manages the scheduling of jobs, and it can execute batch data processing with ease
  • The FTP/SFTP processes can be automated
  • You can download, upload, schedule as well as run multi-user environments like the Terminal server and CITRIX.

Certain features like the Smart Automation Technology, centralized Enterprise Control Room, and Industry-leading web and object recorder make Automation Anywhere the right choice for RPA. The implementation of RPA with Automation Anywhere can have the following exceptional advantages:

  • Non-invasive compatibility: It can be compatible with almost all the systems that a human uses in a computer. It reduces the time pressure on IT, and users do not need any coding ability to work with this tool.
  • Increased management: There can be a platform that can centralize the management of bots and schedule, monitor, and execute the deployment of software robots.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Employees can be relieved from the burden of doing repetitive work with the implementation of Automation Anywhere. It can provide quality services faster, and there is very less chance of errors.
What career opportunities you will get with Automation Anywhere:

Automation Anywhere can place you in a strong foundation for getting the excellent opportunity in RPA industries. The emerging graduates can expect a significant share of the employment potential of RPA all over the world, quickly. Pay packages after earning the necessary skill sets can be relatively much higher as compared to the other fields.

Large job openings are being created in the RPA industries all over the world every year. With more than 5 million jobs waiting, Automation Anywhere can be the right choice to tap the market. The opportunity for working in different fields of RPA is bright with completion of Automation Anywhere certification course, and few areas of working are as follows:

  • RPA developer: It is one of the most promising careers for an RPA expert. With the training skills, you get through Automation Anywhere, it can be your best option.
  • Robotic Process Automation Manager: It gives you an edge to your career, and the pay scale can be better than any manager in other disciplines.
  • Digital media coordinator: The career of digital media coordinator can be one of the best cross-industry jobs. Digital media is about the growth of marketing, and as a digital media coordinator in RPA, you are supposed to build technology that is very useful in marketing. You can get this job quickly after successful completion of Automation Anywhere certification program
  • Process Automation Specialist: It is another exciting career path that you can choose after completion of your certification program in Automation Anywhere.
  • Information Technology Specialist: It can offer a great outlook for your bright career with its high salary and perks. An IT specialist has grand openings ahead, and it is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious jobs.

Robotic Process Automation | Automation Anywhere Course Details

  • Client registration with Control Room
  • Features of Task Editor
  • Different sections in AA Tool
  • Task Bots
  • Meta Bots
  • IQ Bots
  • Web Recorder
  • Smart Recorder/Object Recorder
  • Screen Recorder
  • App Integration: The use of the command and when/where it fit and works
  • Active Directory
  • Citrix Automation
  • Clipboard
  • Database
  • Delay
  • Email Automation
  • Error-Handling
  • Excel and Excel Session
  • Files and Folders Handling Mechanism
  • IF condition
  • Image recognization
  • Insert Key Strokes
  • Insert Mouse Click
  • Insert Mouse Move
  • Insert Mouse Scroll
  • Insert Mouse Scroll
  • Internet Connection
  • Launch Website
  • Log To File
  • Loop command
  • Manage Windows Controls
  • Message Box
  • OCR
  • Open Program/file
  • Objects Cloning
  • PDF integration
  • Reading Form Fields
  • PGP Command: Security types i.e. Passphrase, Public key mechanism
  • Printers
  • Prompt Mechanism
  • Read from CSV / Text: Different and benefit of this Command from Excel command
  • Run Scripts
  • Calling Scripts and Capturing output
  • Screen Capture
  • Send Mail
  • Services
  • String Operation
  • System command Features
  • Task Command
  • Run Task: Sub Task Calling and Mapping Variable
  • Terminal Automation
  • Variable Command
  • Wait Command and Different from Delay Command
  • Web Actions/Recording
  • Web Services
  • RESTL web services
  • SOAP Web services
  • Window Actions
  • XML
  • Upload/Download Task and Deploy Project
  • Add Clients
  • User Management
  • Operations Room
  • Repository
  • Assisted Automation
  • Auto Trigger Automation
  • Scheduling
  • Event triggergement
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