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SQL Training Course

Sharpen Your Database Management Ability with SQL Training Course

How long have you been working in database management domain? Do you feel something lacks your skill in handling database? Thinking how to increase your database handling skill? Then you can enroll for an SQL training course at Prowess Groups. When you are in the database management field for a long time, indeed you are aware of the term SQL.

SQL or structured query language, and it is used to manipulate (update or retrieve data from the extensive database) data faster and effectively.

In short, SQL is a relational database management programming language, and it helps to manage any database irrespective of the size. The SQL training program helps to grow knowledge in database maintaining and designing ability. Whether you are a fresher or working professional and want to achieve excellence at database skill to improve the database insights for your organization, SQL training program will undoubtedly take your ability to the next level. Furthermore, you will be proven an existing asset in handing database for your organization.

What Can You Learn During SQL Training Session?

Candidates who are standing at the threshold of career and want to achieve high in the database management field, SQL training hones their skills in the right direction. Structured Query Language learning not only helps them to perform the best in managing and designing database effortlessly but also they can produce a valid result in uploading and retrieving data with a relational database programming language for their organization. If you are thinking to enroll for an SQL training course, then you can learn several tricks and techniques to handle the database. Let us put a glimpse at the things you will learn during the SQL training course,

  • To analysis database at an advanced level
  • To visualize the database through business insights
  • To protect the database with high-security features but in a proper motion
  • Techniques to build database easy, deploy as well as handle database on-premises as well as in cloud-storages.
  • To make data available for queries with dynamic and secure warm and cold database transactional stretch to Microsoft Azure.

Hence, if you are already engaged in the database management field or you are going to involve in the area, then learning SQL will boost your career prospect.

Know the Benefits of Undergoing SQL Training Program

In recent years, the use of SQL has been expended at a drastic level worldwide. The techniques and programming language of SQL help companies to drive more data from different sources, then accumulate and consolidate the data in a comprehensive manner without any error. That is the magic of SQL, Structured Query Language, and you must acquire the skill to perform and progress faster in the database management field. Let us see what benefits a candidate can earn after completing the SQL course.

  • Manage and Design Any Database: With SQL skill, you can manage as well as design any database regardless of the industry faster and easier.
  • Don’t Need to Depend on Excel Spreadsheets: Excel spreadsheets get crashed when there are too many rows to handle in a single excel spreadsheet. But, SQL eases the process, and you can handle hundreds of thousands of rows without the crashing risk.
  • Squeeze Information Faster: Whatever the size of the database is, SQL helps to squeeze the set of information you want without any difficulty. In running a simple SQL programming language, you can find the information like a needle from the heap of straws.
  • Get Highly-Paid Jobs: When you can bag the SQL certification, you can easily be found by employers, among others. Employers all the time find an employee who can perform better for the organization and deliver quality work at less time.

Thus, it is simple you will be treated as an asset of the organization, and your employers will ready to pay you a lump sum salary that others want to achieve.

Why Undertake MS SQL Training Course?

When you have completely understood the importance of undertaking SQL Training, now it is high time to find an institute that can shape your career towards the database industry. Prowess Groups is the name that has already made its reputation in producing out-of-the-box professionals for different sectors with IT and non-IT courses. The institute is also well-known in offering quality and industry-tailored SQL or Structured Query Language program for professionals as well as college passed out candidates. At Prowess Groups,

  • You will get quality SQL training program under the team of experts who have consecutive years of experience working in the database management industry.
  • You will get the chance to participate in live database handling projects after the successful completion of the course.
  • You will get full support from faculty during the course, and they are answerable to you at any time you get doubt or quarry.
  • Prowess Groups will give you full placement assistance when you complete the course successfully.
  • You will get trained with real-time projects and provided hands-on training during the session.
  • Assignments and questionnaires offered to you during the course period will help you to crack interviews in the future.

So, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the database management domain with potency and excellence, then Prowess Groups would be your next destination to get SQL training.

It is not an ignorable fact that organizations always look for talented personalities to handle their database faster but with a more natural process. SQL training program by Prowess Groups can allow you to get read by employers and treated as the best talent for the organization you work for or going to work. Join us to empower your database management and designing skill.

MS SQL Training Course With MS Access Training Institute Noida

  • Database Models
  • Some Introductory Terminology
  • Concept Of RDBMS
  • Rules Of RDBMS
  • Query Execution Concept Of SQL Query Model
1-DDL (Data Definition Language)
  • Create Command
  • Drop Command
  • Alter Command
  • Modifying Table to Use Constraints
3-DCL (Data Control Language)
  • Grant
  • Revoke
2-DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  • SELECT Statement
  • INSERT Statement
  • DELETE Statement
  • UPDATE Statement
4-TCL (Transaction Control Language)
  • Begin Transaction
  • Rollback Transaction
  • Commit Transaction
  • Rename Database and Existing Fields
  • Rename Fields
  • Change Data type of Existing field
  • Comparison Operators
  • IN and NOT IN Operators
  • BETWEEN Operator
  • LIKE and Not LIKE Operator
  • Logical Operators
  • ANY & All Operators
  • Data Types of the Sample Data
  • Variable Declaration
  • Categories of SQL Statements
  • SQL Data types
  • The DISTINCT Keyword
  • Mathematical Functions
  • String Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Conversion Functions
  • Joining Basics
  • Cartesian Product
  • Inner Joins and Outer Join
  • Right & Left Outer Join
  • Set Operator
  • Union & Union All
  • Except and Intersect
  • SQL Sub queries
  • Create Alias
  • SQL Statements
  • GROUP BY Clause
  • HAVING Clause
  • Order of a SELECT Statement
  • Pivot Table
  • Database Relationship Model
  • One To One
  • One To Many
  • Many To Many
  • IF,Nested IF, IF Else
  • Case and When Statement
  • Loop Concept
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Nested Loop
  • Create Parameterized Procedure
  • Create Non-Parameterized Procedure
  • Execute Procedure
  • Concept of Trigger
  • Create Trigger for (Insert,Update,Delete)
  • Alter Trigger
  • Concept of View
  • Create View
  • Call the View
  • Try and Catch Block
  • Concept of Cursor
  • Create Cursor
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